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FIL Dev Summit 2023

FIL Dev Summit is a gathering of developers, builders, and engaged community members working to contribute to the core protocol and network evolution of Filecoin.

225 Combined Attendees
19 Tracks
125+ Speakers
30+ Countries
7 Sponsors

IPFS þing 2023

The IPFS implementers community came together in Brussels, Belgium for the second year of IPFS þing, an annual gathering dedicated to advancing IPFS implementation. The 5-day summit showcased recent advances across IPFS, served as a forum for communicating needs from the protocol, and provided the opportunity to chart new directions for the future of IPFS.

123 Attendees
12 Tracks
75+ Speakers
30+ Countries

IPFS Camp 2022

The IPFS community came together  for IPFS Camp 2022  in Lisbon, Portugal. The 3-day event was a showcase of recent achievements, a celebration of the growing community, and an opportunity to chart new directions for the future of IPFS.

500+ Attendees/Day
1500 Attendees Total
15+ Tracks
75+ Speakers
30+ Countries

IPFS þing 2022

IPFS implementers and builders gathered in Iceland for the first-ever IPFS þing, a weeklong gathering for the IPFS implementers community. Pronounced “thing”, þing is an old Norse word and modern Icelandic word for “council” or “assembly.

85 Attendees
14 Tracks
40+ Speakers
30+ Countries